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The benefits of using a property manager

03/05/2022 Company News Tips & Advice Landlords
The benefits of using a property manager

Renting out your property can come with various challenges as well as benefits and whilst some choose to go it alone, having a qualified, professional property manager by your side can help ease the stress of renting as they work with you to ensure the process goes smoothly and that you get the best financial return.

Property managers are nothing new to the rental industry and can be your greatest asset when letting your property. They will normally take a small cut of your rental income but by investing in their expertise you will gain valuable insight and advice regarding how to prepare your property for the rental market, manage legal requirements and even advertise on your behalf.  It’s also their job to know the property market which means they can give you a better projection of your potential revenue and keep prices in line with the current market and as a result are more likely to source tenants faster.

Why use a property manager?

There are several benefits to using a property manager. One of the biggest is that they help you save a lot of time and money during the rental process. Property managers are better able to screen your tenants through credit checks and references reducing hassle and make it more likely you'll have a tenant that pays on time and respects your property. 

As a landlord, you are also expected to meet various legal requirements before being able to rent out your home. A good property manager will make sure your property is up to safety standards and has the relevant legal documents to back this up as well as advise you on any legal queries you may have and provide you with a legally sound tenancy agreement. 

Let your manager deal with tenants

Using a property manager means no more dealing with tenants face to face. If a tenant is late on rent or breaking the tenancy agreement they can deal with this professionally and get issues swiftly resolved. Property managers also liaise with tenants to settle disputes, queries and fix maintenance issues quickly and contact approved tradesmen to get the job done properly.

Sometimes things don’t work out and whilst it is in a property landlord's best interests to prevent evictions from being necessary, issues can sometimes occur. In the event that issues cannot be resolved, they can start the required legal proceedings and ultimately evict the tenant in a professional manner so you don’t have to worry. 


With many property management agencies having several years of experience they often carry various accreditations and are seen as being more trustworthy to tenants. Many people will hop straight onto their local property management site when searching for rental properties or only want to deal with approved property managers. 


As mentioned a key benefit to employing property management is their expertise and more importantly their contacts.  They will know where is best to advertise your property to maximise results, avoiding long periods of time with vacant properties. They can also utilise their tenant contacts and contact prospective tenants who may fit the criteria for your property and get in touch.

Ready to start letting your property?

With over 18 years of experience in property management, we have helped numerous landlords successfully rent their properties and supported them throughout the process. Whether this is your first time letting properties or your tenth we provide an invaluable and personal service. For more information on how we can help you rent your property click here.

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