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Standard Management Fee:    

12% of rent due inclusive of VAT

Tenancy Agreement Set-up Fee (Finder’s fee) fully managed property

£180.00 inc VAT (2 bedrooms)

Tenancy Agreement Set-up Fee (Additional tenants

£60.00 inc VAT per additional tenants

Tenancy Renewal  

£54.00 inc VAT

Marketing photos (not including dressing)

Included in Finder's Fee

Marketing photos including dressing of 2 bedrooms

£96.00 inc VAT

Any additional dressed marketing ​photographs

£24.00 inc VAT per room

Inventories (Up to three bedrooms/one bathroom) furnished

£90.00 inc VAT

Inventories (Up to three bedrooms/one bathroom) unfurnished

£60.00 inc VAT

Inventories (Each additional room) 

£10.00 inc VAT

Credit Checks

£30.00 per person inc VAT

Minimum Fee (in this case of early termination)

One months’ rent excluding VAT

Obtaining estimates and supervision of major works

12% inc VAT of cost of work over £50.00

Carrying out repairs 

Cost price plus 18% inc VAT

Utility bill payments

Cost price plus 18% inc VAT

Any other payments made by the Agent pays on the landlord’s behalf

Cost price plus 18% inc VAT

Key cutting

£5.00 plus cost of keys

Admin charge for additional services

£30.00 inc VAT

Additional property visits

£30.00 inc VAT

Land Registry search

£12.00 inc VAT per search

Completion of services (forms/queries etc) HMO/Selective Licences/council documents/house sales etc

£150.00 per property inc VAT