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Middlesbrough Based Student Letting Agents

Teesside University has an amazing range of courses in exciting subjects such as forensics, computing, health, sport, media and design and is the university of choice for over 20,000 students each year. Located in the centre of Middlesbrough, Teesside University offers students the opportunity to study in a town bustling with entertainment venues, restaurants and excellent bars and nightclubs whilst only being a short journey from the region's most beautiful nature spots.

For the students that have chosen to make Middlesbrough home, we let properties of all shapes, sizes and styles and we are confident that we can find something you will like that matches your criteria. Rental properties vary in price, from cheap and cheerful to deluxe, however, they all have the same high standard of safety and cleanliness and our rent calculator makes it easy for you to plan your budget and check the affordability of a property before you commit to renting.

We have many properties close to the university campuses and town, most of them are between 5-10 minutes walk away.

All of our student houses are fully furnished usually comprising of a double bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers, desk and chair for the bedroom, cooker, fridge/freezer and washing machine for the kitchen, and sofa and chairs for the living room.

You can find up to date information on available properties on Zoopla.

Student letting in Middlesborough
Middlesbrough University Campus

Do you need help to find a student rental property?

If you would like more advice on student rentals, check out this blog filled with expert advice on what to consider when looking for rented accommodation or complete the contact form below to arrange a call back from one of our team.

Example student bedroom
Example Student Kitchen

Frequently Asked Questions

How rent is calculated varies from company to company but at C & M Property Management we favour the good old fashioned 4-3-3 football formation. Put simply, this means that payments are broken down as follows:

  • September loan (Pay 4 months’ rent for September, October, November, December).
  • January loan (Pay 3 months’ rent for January, February, March).
  • April loan (Pay 3 months’ rent for April, May, June).

However you decide to split your rent payments, it is important that you find a schedule that suits your budget and lifestyle. Be sure to discuss this with your flatmates as they may have their own requirements that you need to consider when taking on a group lease.

Every property we manage differs in size and in how it is heated and powered. For this reason we don’t have a generic utility bill example. We would suggest that if you find a property you are interested in, using a tool such as Compare the Market can provide good indicative costs on what you might expect to pay in heating and electricity. Remember, as students you are exempt from Council Tax payments but you will be expected to pay for utilities such as water charges. You will also need to pay for a TV license if you plan to watch live TV or stream BBC content, you may however be able to claim money back if you spend some of the calendar year away from uni.

As a letting agent, we are extremely particular in how we vet our landlords. We understand that safety is a key concern when moving away from home for the first time and ensure that all properties meet our high standards for safety and cleanliness. We will only ever take on regulation compliant properties and continually review our landlords.

It is usually a parent or spouse (as long as you have separate bank accounts) but sometimes a friend or relative. A guarantor can be anyone with a UK bank account and a UK address, although they will likely be required to pass a credit check.  As a general guide, it is recommended that a guarantor earns 36 times the monthly rental cost. You might find information on the Shelter website helpful if you require more information on Guarantors. 

Yes, we are proud to be a Teesside University accredited letting agency and regularly attend open days at the university. This close relationship with Teesside University means we are able to ensure our rental properties continue to meet the needs of their student population.


We use MyDeposit to register bonds on rental properties. MyDeposit means your deposit is insured and protected and acts as an intermediary between you as the tenant and your letting agent. For student accommodation, all our managed properties require a £200 bond per person.

Of course!  We have many different sizes of houses so we can accommodate different sized groups, or we have houses which we offer as a “house-share” where each room is let individually and everyone has access to the communal areas.

As a general rule, all our properties do not allow pets, but we do have a handful of landlords who will make exclusions on a case-by-case basis.  If you have a pet, let us know up front and we will do what we can to help.

Yes, our student properties are furnished as standard with the following furniture and white goods:

  • Double bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Chest of drawers
  • Desk and chair for the bedroom
  • Cooker
  • Fridge/freezer
  • Washing machine
  • Sofa and chairs for the living room

You are also welcome to move in with your own furniture, please let us know when you are discussing your tenancy and we can arrange to remove any unwanted items of furniture.

C&M calculate rent monthly. If a price is advertised weekly, we do the following calculation to work out the per calendar month (pcm) rent:

Firstly, we multiply the weekly rent by the number of people over 18 on the contract. This gives us the weekly household rent total.

We then multiply the weekly household rent total by 52 weeks. This gives the annual household rent total.

We then divide the annual household rent total by 12 months. This gives us the household rent per calendar month total.

Finally, we divide the household rent per calendar month total by the number of tenants. This is gives the per person per calendar month rent total.

See the below example showing the calculations:

  •  E.g., 4 Person house @ £90.00 per person per week (pppw) (yearly contract)
  • £90.00 multiplied by 4 people = £360.00, which is the household weekly rent figure.
  • £360.00 multiplied by 52 weeks = £18,720.00, total annual household rent.
  • £18,720.00 divided by 12 months = £1,560.00, total pcm household rent.
  • £1,560.00 divided by 4 people = £390.00, total pcm rent per person.

Whilst we take every precaution to ensure that all our properties are as well maintained as possible; it is inevitable that occasionally problems will occur. In the first instance, we ask that tenants report the issues to us as soon as possible, either by phoning our office or popping in. Once we are aware of the problem we can make sure that the right help is available. We work with a network of trusted contractors and are committed to minimising repair times and arranging repairs at a convenient time for our tenants.

This page contains affiliate links. An affiliate link means that we may earn a referral fee if you make a purchase through our link. There will be no additional cost to you if you do and we only ever endorse services that meet our high standards of service and professionalism.