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It is essential that repairs are carried out promptly and efficiently, this will help in maintaining your house and keeping all parties happy.

Central heating system faults, leaking pipes and any other unforeseen emergencies to be attended the same day. Roof leaks and other maintenance to be attended within 7days.

We will inform the Landlord of any problems reported to us; we will need a quick response from the Landlord in how they would like us to proceed.

We have our own tried and tested companies, however, the Landlord may wish to use their own companies or maintenance team to do the work.

If faults are reported, and the works not carried out within one week we reserve the right to have the necessary work attended to, and the costs charged to you.

In case of an emergency (e.g. burst pipe and water is flooding the house) and we cannot contact the Landlord, we reserve the right to have the work carried out and the cost charged to you.