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HMO Regulations

The Housing Act 2004 introduced mandatory licensing of high risk Houses in Multiple Occupation. A license may be required for a property with three or more individuals, four or more bedrooms, or more than two stories. Please contact council for details. 

Please note that to comply with HMO regulations, all HMO properties with 5 or more tenants will require:

  • 2 sinks in the kitchen
  • 2 cookers (either a cooker and a combination microwave oven or 2 conventional ovens)
  • Wall mounted fire blanket in kitchen
  • Bathroom facilities
  • All rooms will require self-closing 30 minutes fire resistant doors (except for bathrooms unless bathrooms have electric heaters)
  • All fire doors must have multi-strip smoke seals

You will also be asked to provide evidence of gas and electrical safety checks and hard wired smoke detectors.

We will keep you informed of subsequent changes to licensing regulations.

These are the basic requirements for HMO licensing. For further information, please visit the website for your relevant County Council.

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