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Oversea Residence

When letting property and collecting rents for landlords overseas, the Agent is obliged by the Taxes Management Act (TMA) 1970 and the Taxation of Income from Land (Non-Residents) Regulations 1995 to deduct tax (at the basic tax rate) to cover any tax liability, unless the Landlord has been authorised in writing by Inland Revenue to receive rent gross.

In this situation, the Agent also requests that the Landlord appoints an accountant or reserves to the Agent the right to employ a suitably qualified accountant in order to manage correspondence with the Inland Revenue.

A standard annual charge will be made for this work and reasonable administration expenses may be charged by the Agent for further work requested by the Landlord, the Landlord’s accountant or the Inland Revenue in connection with such tax liabilities.

In many cases, landlord’s tax liability is minimal when all allowable costs are deducted.