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Under the standard Management Service, the Agent will carry out inspections.

It is not the intention to check every item of the inventory at this stage; the inspection is concerned with verifying the good order of the tenancy (i.e. house being used in a ‘tenant-like’ manner) and the general condition of the property.

This would normally include inspecting the main items (carpets, walls, cooker, main living areas and gardens.) Where these were felt to be unsatisfactory, a more detailed inspection would generally be made.

Following the departure of tenants, a final inspection of the property is carried out by the Agent.

Testing of all the electrical appliances, heating systems and plumbing is not feasible during this inspection; a qualified contractor should be appointed for this purpose should it be required by the Landlord.

Any deficiencies or dilapidation would normally be submitted to the Landlord together with any recommended deductions or replacement values.

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