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The Landlord confirms that he/she is the sole or joint owner of the property and has the right to rent out the property under the terms of the mortgage or head lease. Where necessary, the Landlord confirms that permission to let has been granted by the mortgagee. The Landlord authorizes the Agent to carry out the various duties of property management;

  • Advising as to the likely rental income.
  • Advertising and generally marketing the Property.
  • Interviewing prospective tenants and taking up full references including bank reference, and employer or previous landlord character reference. Where necessary, additional security would be requested by means of a guarantor. In the case of a company, a full bank reference would be taken.
  • Preparing the Tenancy Agreement necessary for the Landlord to gain protection of the relevant Rent and Housing Acts, and renewing the Agreement where necessary at the end of the Term.
  • Liaising with a landlords mortgagees where necessary with regard to references and Tenancy Agreement.
  • Taking a deposit from the tenant* to be held by the Agent until the end of the tenancy when the Property and contents have been checked for damage.
  • Collecting the rent and paying over to the Landlord (normally sent within 15 days of collection) less any fees or expenses due or incurred for the period. Payments will be made by direct bank transfer or cheque and a detailed rent statement will be forwarded to the Landlord.
  • Arranging with service companies (principally electricity gas & water) meter readings and advising them of the transfer of service contracts to the tenant at the beginning and end of each tenancy.
  • Regular inspections of the Property are carried out on a quarterly basis. Responsibility for and management of empty property is not normally included, and will only be carried out by special arrangement.
  • Co-ordination of repair or maintenance including arranging for tradesmen to attend the property and obtaining estimates where necessary, supervising works and settling accounts from rents received.
  • Making payments on behalf of the Landlord from rents received for costs in managing the property.
  • Carrying out a full property inspection and inventory check at the end of the tenancy and dealing with matters relating to unfair wear and tear before releasing the tenants deposit.
  • Collecting and forwarding Landlords mail.
  • The Landlord also agrees that the Agent may take and hold deposits.

The Landlord also agrees that the Agent may take and hold deposits.